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Kumho have been making quality tyres since 1960 but they weren't always known as Kumho.

Kumho Tires started life out as Samyang Tires (Tyres here in Australia) and were made in South Korea. Today, Kumho Tires is now the 7th largest company in Korea and produces tyres for over 180 countries around the world.

Kumho offers a range of tyres suited to almost every segment, including off-road, highway and passenger, to light commercial and light truck.

With 3 manufacturing plants in Korea, China and one in Vietnam, the company has a global reach through a worldwide distribution network thanks to healthy roots in motorsport and transportation.

Kumho Tire entered the motorsport world back in 2012 as the official supplier of the Formula One feeder series, Auto GP. They produced a product that helped drivers break lap records that were achieved on their previous tyres. They worked hard through a rigorous research and development project to produce tyres of the highest quality.

They have since put in a bid to become the official supplier of Formula One, a contract Pirelli has held since 2010.

The brand's reach into all segments of the tyre market is notable with reputable tread patterns, including the Road Venture MT/AT/KL in the 4WD / SUV market.

When it comes to quality SUV and 4X4 tyres, Kumho Tyre has a large selection to choose from that will suit your specific needs and vehicle type. Whether you need something that gives you a smoother and more comfortable ride along the highway, or a tyre that will grip into and manage any terrain that you throw at it, Kumho Tyre has what you need.

The Kumho Tyre brand and it’s recognisable red accent.

When it comes to your passenger vehicle, Kumho has the tyre you are looking for. Whether you have a little runabout, sedan, hatchback, coupe or a high-performance sports car, Kumho Tyre has the right product to suit your vehicle and how you use it. Perhaps you want something that is great on fuel economy, ideal for suburban terrain or long drives along your favorite coastal roads.

Tyrepower Western Australia stocks a great range of Kumho tyres in all our stores located across WA. For more information regarding your local store and the current COVID-19 restrictions, search your suburb here and give us a call.

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